Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Me, myself and I

There is a lot going on in my RL at the moment and sometimes trying to handle it with a sunny disposition and a happy-go-lucky kind of attitude can be hard and tiring.  There are days when I would like to take off somewhere alone for a few days. I am sure most of us feel it at some point or another, just to be able to stop and regain myself.  To dance around like a lunatic... oh hold on.. I do that anyway!  To read a good book, relax,  Maybe dangle my feet off a pier and into a nice cool lake surrounded by forest.  To just sit and feel the breeze on my skin, knowing I don't have to rush anywhere or be on call for someone else.  I can be me... just me, myself and I.

For now I will be following Dory's advice from 'Finding Nemo' to just keep swimming. ;D

~Credits and taxis~

Skin ~ Glam Affair - Aria - The Arcade / March '14
Nose ~ Glam Affair - Aria 01 - The Arcade / March '14
Eyeliner ~ Glam Affair - Aria 02 - The Arcade / March '14
Freckles ~ Glam Affair - Aria 03 - The Arcade / March '14
Hair ~ 'LoQ' - Berryjuice - Golden Blonde (LeftSide) - LoQ Marketplace
Hands ~ Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant 1 - Slink
Feet ~ Slink Female Feet (avEnhance - Mid 
Dress ~  Faenzo Silk Flare dress 'Tulip'  - Love, LOVE these dresses! - Collabor88
Glasses ~ Boom - Minimilist glasses - Titanium - *Boom* Clothing Co

House ~ [ba] Byers Cottage -  Barnesworth Anubis
Pier ~ Scarlett Creation - The Arcade  / March '14
Truffles and Champagne flute ~ Keke - The Arcade / March '14

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  1. you have written so well, each of your words are simple but reflection of feelings.... such beautiful words only makes u realize that life can be so beautiful.:)