Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cold Logic's hot little numbers.

Just a quick post to show off this pretty little mesh dress from Cold Logic.  'Wren' has a plain V-neck sleeveless top that flows down into a super cute, flowery, tiered skirt.  It comes in four colours - Zinfandel, Cocoa, Butter and Cotton, and is available in store. I am wearing Cotton.  It also comes in a two-toned design (not shown)  called  'Ayres' which comes in Seafoam, Violet, Steel and Blush. You can purchase in store and on the Marketplace, in five standard sizes: L,M,S,XS and XXS. 

Now I have to run back to RL.  There... I told you it was a quick post ;)   xx

~ Credits & taxis ~

SKIN ~ Amberley - Jamaica Clean Red - Glam Affair
HAIR ~ Valerie 2 - Rouge - Wasabi Pills
EARS ~ Simple Ears Hutuu - Mandala Jewlery
SHOES ~ Grace Sandal - Red Glitter - Gos
DRESS ~ 'Wren' - Cotton - Cold Logic
NECKLACE - Teardrop Turtle - MG - March Arcade 2014
EARRINGS ~ Yakushi - Red - Mandala Jewelery
HANDS ~ Relaxed  - Slink

Monday, 28 April 2014

Summer loving.

I think Spring forgot to arrive here in NS, the folks back home are catching rays and having barbecues while I look out of my window and see rain!  I even have my heating on today and it is almost May!  Thankfully Spring/Summer has arrived in SL so Dawne and I took ourselves down to one of our favourite designers for a little shopping trip.  Cold Logic always has some wonderful colours to cheer up a dreary day.  

The dresses we are wearing, so elegantly I might add ;), are called 'Zois', we've donned them with a pair heels but this dress looks just as great with a pair of sneakers. It comes in four bright colours; Lagoon (as worn by Kali), Flamingo (worn by Dawne), Whitewash and Sunny.  Available in 5 sizes and can be worn with or without the belt.   This style of dress is also available in a more mute colour collection called 'Jolie'.

As I write this, it is cold and wet outside.  So.... for now, I am going to turn away from my RL window and lose myself in the heat of the virtual beach.  Maybe I'll take a bicycle ride along the promenade, have a lemonade at the local cafe and dip my virtual toes in the virtual cool water. :)

~Credits & taxis~

On Kali

Dress ~  'Zois' - Lagoon -  Cold Logic
Shoes ~  'Helena' - Redgrave Skins & Fasion
Jewellery ~ Part-Time BoHo Princess - Maxi Gossamer
Skin ~ Felicity Skin - Belleza Skins
Hair ~  Lolita - Ginger - Truth
Hands ~ Slink - Relaxed xxs - Slink
Bicycle ~ 'Chelsea' -Blue - {What Next} Home & garden

On Dawne

Dress ~ Cold Logic - 'Zois' - Flamingo - Cold Logic
Shoes ~ 'Peggy' t-straps cream - Fri.day
Jewellery ~ Earthstones - 'Zahra' - Turquise/Coral - Earthstones
Skin ~ Izzie's - Lila's Skin - Izzie's
Hair ~ Truth - Dove - Black
Hands ~ Casual - Slink

Getting Ready

     I can remember my prom, years ago... Getting ready and placing on the beautiful gown.. Feeling like a princess or queen...The anticipation of what could happen, what will happen. When I put on a dress from Son!a, every time, I feel as though, I am right back to 18 years old, and feeling like the most beautiful girl in the room.

    The gentle flow of the skirt across the bare skin of my legs, and the back line, the plunge, that just makes the coolness of the night air, to send chills down my spine. It's truly a gorgeous dress. Ready to make your counterpart drool over what is underneath.  Sexy/Sassy/Beauty.


DRESS:              Son!a ~ Trance Slim Pearl Dress
SKIN:                 Al Vulo! ~ Astrea 60's Chic Fairy
HAIR:                 Magika ~ Honest
EYES:                 IKON ~ Spectral Eyes - Storm
Ring:                   Earthstones ~ Destiny Bridal Set
Necklace             JVD ~ Tag Collar

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Me, myself and I

There is a lot going on in my RL at the moment and sometimes trying to handle it with a sunny disposition and a happy-go-lucky kind of attitude can be hard and tiring.  There are days when I would like to take off somewhere alone for a few days. I am sure most of us feel it at some point or another, just to be able to stop and regain myself.  To dance around like a lunatic... oh hold on.. I do that anyway!  To read a good book, relax,  Maybe dangle my feet off a pier and into a nice cool lake surrounded by forest.  To just sit and feel the breeze on my skin, knowing I don't have to rush anywhere or be on call for someone else.  I can be me... just me, myself and I.

For now I will be following Dory's advice from 'Finding Nemo' to just keep swimming. ;D

~Credits and taxis~

Skin ~ Glam Affair - Aria - The Arcade / March '14
Nose ~ Glam Affair - Aria 01 - The Arcade / March '14
Eyeliner ~ Glam Affair - Aria 02 - The Arcade / March '14
Freckles ~ Glam Affair - Aria 03 - The Arcade / March '14
Hair ~ 'LoQ' - Berryjuice - Golden Blonde (LeftSide) - LoQ Marketplace
Hands ~ Slink Mesh Hands (av) Elegant 1 - Slink
Feet ~ Slink Female Feet (avEnhance - Mid 
Dress ~  Faenzo Silk Flare dress 'Tulip'  - Love, LOVE these dresses! - Collabor88
Glasses ~ Boom - Minimilist glasses - Titanium - *Boom* Clothing Co

House ~ [ba] Byers Cottage -  Barnesworth Anubis
Pier ~ Scarlett Creation - The Arcade  / March '14
Truffles and Champagne flute ~ Keke - The Arcade / March '14

Monday, 21 April 2014

"First kiss"

However old we are, we all remember the first time we kiss someone new. The knot of excitement, your toes curling in anticipation, the feel of a delicate breath on your lips, a brush of fingertips against your cheek and the waiting that seems to last a hundred years... then your lips touch.  

There are those kisses that take your breath away, that lose you in time, the ones you never want to break away from. Then there are the ones you will never forget... for the wrong reasons! Those with halitosis that you didn't quite notice until they got so close that you swooned and not out of pleasure.  The one who swallowed your lips like a guppy and you never thought you would breath again. The sudden assault of a tongue that tried to play tennis with your tonsils!

Whatever our experiences are, most of them stay with us. Some give us funny stories to tell our friends [sorry guys, but it's true ;) ], some make us smile from ear to ear when we think of them, and some still take our breath away as if we are still in there in the moment.  

So take a moment, and blow a kiss to that special memory, a first is only a first kiss once.

~ Credits ~

On her;

Skin ~ Glam Affair - Amberlea - Jamaica clean.
Hair ~ Clawtooth - Hang it up
Glasses ~ Boom - Titanium
Jacket ~ L&B Swear (SMPerky) jacket "Classic W" black leather
Jewellery ~ EMO-tions.. *Salome* Necklace & earrings.

On him;

Skin ~ Belleza - Ewan
Hair ~ Redgrave - Tyler
Tux ~ Lapointe & Bastchild

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Surprise... surprise!

So I was looking for something to wear in case I got invited to "the" Easter party or an Easter soiree or just for the heck of wearing it!  My go-to place for finding such an ensemble is always Boudoir's.  I love her designs and Vita's depth of detail in her outfits is always stunning.

"Easter Surprise" is one of the many outfits from Boudoir's Easter collection. The combination of playful, sexy and elegant is very clear.  This gorgeous burlesque outfit is just what a show-stopping girl needs for Easter, not that I would call myself a show-stopping girl.... unless it means the girl who trips over her own feet and shows her panties to the room!  Then I would be that show-stopper... and yes,  at the same time stuffing my face with delicious chocolate!! Lots and LOTS of chocolate!  I digress...

The outfit consists of a mesh corset and matching boots, each available in five standard sizes.  The hat is available with or without the cute bunny. I named mine Wilbur..  ok, so that may be a little sad and maybe I shouldn't have admitted it.  But hey, we have to grow old, we don't have to grow up!  The skirt, short in front, just enough to show off a little of the tint-able panties, long enough in the back to hide a cute tushie - until you expose it while stuffing chocolate and falling over in a could-be show-stopping way ;)

 ~Credits and taxis~

Outfit - Easter Surprise - Boudoir
Hair - Clawtooth - Hang it up - Red eye flight - Collabor88
Hands - Slink - Casual - Slink
Skin - Glam Affair - Amberly - Jamaica Clean - Glam Affair
Eyes - Ikon Promise eyes - Oxidation (ML) - Ikon